Brunch: Tues - Fri 11-2

Sat + Sun 9-2

Dinner: Tues-Sat 5pm-close

Why we support local.

When Cory and I dreamt up the inner workings of this restaurant, we knew right away that we wanted to find the best ingredients that we possibly could and support those who work hard around us. We meticulously sourced for our providers and made it our mission to be part of the agricultural community and give back to them. We strive to have zero food waste. This means that we save our organic food waste and give it back to the farms to be used as animal feed, or compost and fertilizer. 

What does a zero food-waste menu mean?

We use a lot of ingredients and by-products from the dinner menu to create our brunch menu. This menu changes depending on what ingredients are left over. I know what you’re thinking… No, this does not mean left-overs. But, our pork dish yields a lot of left over broth so, some days we are able to make a delicious split pea soup. Or, our amazing Enright Cattle Co. steak gets braised and becomes our braised beef sandwich - yum!

Why do we change our dinner menu?

With such a strong focus on seasonal and local, we have to work with what is available to us. This means that most elements stay the same and the staples are always there, but the bells and whistles will change.

What makes our brunch SO good?

Well, good question! This one goes back to why we support local. We want to make you dishes that you won’t make at home. Well you might, but they will take you forever and you’ll end up with a sink full of dishes! To start, we make our delicious whipped kefir in house and top it with a comforting crispy hash brown and your option of our house smoked trout, roasted pork belly or just as it is… we call it the “standard”. Wait, it gets better! Our eggs come from Ferme Rêveuse which is a beautiful farm with the best possible mandate. When Kornel or Olga deliver our eggs, they are laid that morning. Does it get more fresh than that?!

Please come on in and see what we have on the menu for tonight, 

we look forward to feeding you.

 BELOW is a sample Menu as it changes with the seasons 

Due to our small seating capacity,

we cannot take reservations for weekend brunch.

  • For bookings, Please click the link below, or call us at 613-565-0101.



We Look Forward To Feeding You.